Founded in 1977, the Law Firm of May, May, Angel & Harris is located behind the Bureau County Courthouse in historical Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois.  James R. May and Mary Lynn Angel May, the founding partners of the firm, maintained offices in Princeton and Walnut, Illinois until 2008 when the Walnut office merged into the Princeton office.  Attorney James R. Angel joined the firm in 2004 after having practiced in Grand Junction, Colorado. Attorney Holly M. Harris joined the firm in 2007, and Attorney Eric M. May most recently joined the firm in 2010.

Since its founding, the first priority of May, May, Angel & Harris has always been its clients and their legal concerns. Each attorney clearly understands that without its clients, the firm could not continue to thrive. All five attorneys in the firm are dedicated to providing honest, aggressive, competent and outstanding legal representation to each and every client.

While small enough to provide prompt personal service to its clients, the firm is also large enough to meet with success in even the most complex and challenging of cases.  The experience of the firm's founding partners has combined with the new and innovative approaches and cutting-edge technological know-how of the younger partners to yield the finest aggressive, professional and powerful representation for each and every client. With each attorney focusing on one or more areas of law, the firm can provide a broad range of legal services to individual and business clients alike.  May, May, Angel & Harris' commitment to excellence is demonstrated by its fine team of attorneys and its "client first" priority - a tradition that has continued for 35 years.
For more information on the attorneys and the primary areas in which they practice, please refer to the Attorney Biographies Section.
James R. May
Mary Lynn Angel May
James R. Angel
Holly M. Harris
Eric M. May